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Looking for a different kind of mouse?

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Welcome to Mouse Alternative the site dedicated to finding you a new kind of mouse. For a number of reasons, the traditional computer mouse is not always the fastest, easiest, or physically conducive choice. We started Mouse Alternative to show you all the options you have available when looking for a new mouse.

There are a number of mouse alternatives out on the market. Perhaps the most well-known mouse alternative is the trackball. As opposed to the traditional PC mouse, where you move the mouse around on a table or pad, the trackball mouse features a ball which the user moves with the fingers or the thumb. The benefits of the alternative computer mouse are many. Granted, many people find the traditional PC mouse perfect for their everyday use. But there are also thousands of alternative mouse users out there that find them preferable.

This site provides information on all the mouse alternatives out there. Trackball, ergonomic mouse choices, the optical mouse, which uses the eye to guide the on-screen arrow and all the other mouse alternatives out there. There are also pen mouse, which you work by pointing at the monitor or screen. The perfect mouse is not out here yet, but you can always try to find it. Additionally, many people looking for mice alternatives are handicapped or have been in an accident. People look for a mouse alternative for all kinds of reasons. There are many different choices, each with pluses and minuses. Sometimes its a case of trial and error. Or just researching the mouse alternatives out there. A Trackball mouse may work for your needs, or you might want a mouse pointer for use in a presentation. No matter what type of mouse you want you can find information here at Mouse